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What is Mobile Email 'Apptimization'?

ReturnPath released a telling infographic about the state of email readership on mobile devices.  Most notably, the study projected that by the end of 2012, more people will be reading email on mobile devices than on the desktop or webmail.

The headlines which followed on the topic of mobile email included:

Understandably, email marketers are finding themselves having to add yet another element to consider in their campaigns--as if creative, offer, segmentation, deliverability, performance and testing weren't enough!

The good news is that many marketers are already thinking about content in a way that will make mobile email much easier.  How?  First, if emails are composed not just of a single large image, but modules of content, consisting of a title, a blurb, an image and a link, this will make optimizing for mobile much easier.  Second, even if the email design is based around a single large image, but the content has been re-purposed for easy sharing via Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest, there's a good chance that the message has already been condensed in a way that will support mobile email very well.  

So now to the question; what is mobile email 'apptimization'?  

Well, imagine if creating a mobile version of your email was as easy, if not easier than creating a plain text version.  At the same time, envision your email marketing delivering an experience that is as user-friendly and engaging as the top-rated mobile applications.  That's what mobile email 'apptimization' looks like.  

Oh, and by the way, we can do it.  

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