Strategic Services

Strategic Services

Need help outlining your customer life cycle or lead nurturing plan?

With an email marketing tool as powerful as TailoredMail, it may be difficult to determine how to start when it comes to creating a drip marketing program, a lead nurturing campaign or prioritizing your triggered and transactional email programs. Also, how and when do you utilize social publishing for best impact? Let the experts at TailoredMail help you come up with a plan of attack.

We can assist you with the following:

  • Mapping out your sales cycle and prioritizing programs
  • Developing an initial outline of a plan to acquire new email subscribers
  • Getting a comprehensive review of your emails versus those of your top competitors
  • Helping you create a tracking and testing plan to optimize an existing email marketing program
  • Walking you through the basics of marketing automation and helping you determine how to begin

Learn how you can qualify for a free initial strategy consulting session by contacting us today.