Mobile Apptimization

Mobile-Ready Email & Landing Pages 

Turn email marketing into interactive mobile applications

Once again, TailoredMail is providing a one-of-a-kind solution—this time for easy creation of mobile-optimized content. As part of the TailoredMail 6.0 and our industry-first EmailApptimizer, your emails automatically create a full HTML5 mobile version of an email, landing page or microsite which behaves as though it were a native mobile application.

Many email marketers are often unaware of how often their content is viewed on a mobile device or which specific devices are being used. However, TailoredMail comes with comprehensive mobile device reporting and tracking. It’s this very information which informed the strategy for how TailoredMail handles the rendering of emails in mobile devices. Ultimately, it was decided to move towards an app-like experience.

Exactly what does this mobile application capability entail?  Go view our demo!

For any email, landing page or microsite content:

  • Users are automatically directed to the mobile version, based on a real-time detection of their device – no need to survey subscribers on what devices they might be using to view the content.
  • Top navigation becomes horizontally scrollable (or as a clickable drop-down menu), allowing for more readable fonts and better use of the limited mobile screen real-estate.
  • An email itself effectively becomes the homepage – this is also true for landing pages and microsites.
  • Wow subscribers with a scrollable image gallery, highlighting top sellers and other people, places and things of note.
  • Help your subscribers help you keep their information up-to-date with a link to their profile page, allowing them to update their information and preferences which will improve your segmentation.
  • Embed content such as video and twitter feeds to enhance the “mobile app” feel.
  • Allow users to save individual content elements to a “library” on their own device for later viewing.

  • Real mobile analytics: all interactions of the user are captured, including the device-type - enabling you to learn much more about the users interests and engagement levels.

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