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We keep it simple - and you can cancel at any time.

Regardless of the package you choose, we help you get fully set-up and trained on all of TailoredMail's features, including free technical support. From email broadcasting, social media publishing, surveys and forms, A/B testing, drip automation, and dozens of other capabilities you won't find elsewhere.
  Starts at
Starts at
Core Functionality    
Dynamic Email Marketing - individualized content targeting X X
Easy Authoring Wizards and Widgets X X
Full Social Media Publishing & Facebook Fan Page App X X
Mobile HTML5 Instant Apps X X
Real-Time Images and Video-in-Email X
Dynamic Landing-Pages for desktop and mobile devices X X
Lead Forms, Surveys, Website Widgets and Profile Centers X X
Automated Segmentation Builder for Targeting X X
Time-Release Around-the-World Broadcasting X X
A/B-testing and Email Layout Previews for 30+ platforms X X
40+ Analytic Reports and Trends X X
Fully Customizable Domains and URLs X X
Full Deliverability and Reputation Services X X
Salesforce/MS-CRM/API Integration X X
Email Drip/Lead Automation X
Website Tracking, Scoring and Triggers  X
Lead-Response Tool for Sales X
Email and landing-Page Scoring and Triggers   X
Two-Tier Solutions for Channels and Partners   X
Dedicated IP Address(es) and Address Management   X

Managed Services    
Campaign Production and Design Assistance Contact us
Lead Nurturing Design and Campaign Hosting Contact us
Partner/Channel Programs Contact us
Mobile SMS Messaging Campaigns Contact us
Video-in-Email Hosting Contact us
Product Customization Contact us
Dedicated Client Support X X
Personalized On-Boarding Services X X
Professional Services Available X X
Strategic Services Contact us
Custom Report Creation Contact us
Enhancement Requests Contact us - we specialize in this

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