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Mobile-ready landing-pages

Industry-first: We turn your landing pages into a
mobile-app-like experience - automatically:

TailoredMail's EmailApptimizer

EmailApptimizer, which turns emails, landing pages, and microsites into instant mobile touch-screen applications, dramatically improves engagement-rates by up to 50%, with virtually no additional effort on the marketer’s part.

With smartphone and tablet purchases exploding, consumers are reading more of their emails on these devices. In a study of more than 150 million emails over a 12-month period, TailoredMail found the percent of emails being viewed on a mobile device represented 39% of the total – almost double that of a year ago. However, mobile click-through rates (sometimes referred to as the ‘calls-to-action’ or ‘engagement rates’) represented only 12% of total - primarily due to poorly-designed/rendered emails and landing pages.

The challenge:
Marketers design email marketing campaigns and automation programs for a desktop environment - however, these non-mobile-friendly emails simply aren’t readable on a smartphone – and are most-often ignored or quickly deleted. This problem is compounded when links included in these campaigns direct the recipient to a non-mobile-ready web page. In fact, the vast majority of businesses do not yet have a mobile friendly company website, let alone not having mobile-friendly landing-pages to support these marketing and lead-nurturing campaigns.

Most marketers don’t have the resources, tools or know-how to create engaging mobile-ready experiences on smartphones and tablets. In this fast-growth space, options are limited to hiring expensive, hard-to-find designers/agencies with mobile expertise, and meticulously building mobile-optimized emails and landing-pages from scratch. EmailApptimizer solves this by taking the very same content designed for the desktop and automatically converting it into an instant touch-screen mobile application – complete with TailoredMail’s elaborate tracking analytics.

It also enables marketers the ability to create entire stand-alone mobile-micro-sites without any technical know-how. Built-in features include support of swipe/touch gestures, navigation buttons, mobile forms and profile-centers, location-aware mapping, instant polling, offline viewing, image galleries, archive-search, embedded audio/video, and save-to-home-screen functionality.