Stevie and ClickZ Award

Winner of a 2012 Stevie Award & ClickZ Connected Award

Marketing Automation that delivers REAL results.

Using TailoredMail's extremely unique and powerful marketing-automation solution, Chevrolet and Toyota of America ran innovative, targeted "drip" campaigns that sold more than 1,000 new cars. With our unique dynamic-segmentation-engine, only TailoredMail could have delivered such results.

It starts with automated intelligence.

Using TailoredMail's unique "theme" tagging system, subscribers were automatically categorized into different interest-areas based on their click-activity, click-context, and click-frequency. 

Our Lead Nurturing

TailoredMail offers one of the easiest to use, and yet most dynamically powerful lead-nurturing solutions on the market

  • Website tracking; convert anonymous visitors to qualified leads
  • Form widgets to instantly put on your site for newsletter sign-up, webinar sign-up, white-paper downloads, and more.
  • Automated, sequential drip emails that can adapt to each type of potential buyer
  • Powerful analytics that allow you to measure success, and adapt as you go.
Newsletters and Microsites set the stage.

Over a three month period, TailoredMail's dynamic newsletter engine and Microsite/Landing-page technology tracked and categorized subscribers based on their potential interest in specific vehicles and dealer offerings, such as service, financing, and readiness to buy. 

Triggered, automated follow-up - tailored to each user

Specifically, subscribers who clicked a combination of items over the previous month were then "triggered" to be sent a sequential pattern of follow-up emails - each designed to build upon the other. If subscribers became engaged, two key things occurred; the cadence of follow-up sales were sped-up, and alerts were sent to dealer salespeople for further follow-up. 

Time-aware messaging

The program leveraged a very clever feature in TailoredMail - one that is designed to mimic the actual sales process; deadlines & deal-expiration. For example, cars are often marketed with "sales" that have an ending-date, but automation campaigns are usually "fluid", with no real sense for deadlines. This is how TailoredMail is different; we think through REAL marketing challenges, and empower our clients with meaningful features.

For Chevrolet and Toyota, automated emails were blended with date-sensitive messaging - resulting in an elegant, relevant and respectful sales process. Oh, and did we mention that more than 1,000 new cars were sold?