Scalability & Deliverability

Scalability & Deliverability

One of the most respected email providers today

For over 14 years, brands such as Microsoft, Precor Exercise Equipment, Tom Douglas Restaurants and hundreds of others have chosen TailoredMail because of our focus to only deliver RELEVANT email. The companies who use us have a like-minded, best-practices approach to email marketing - where reputation is paramount. We have clients both large and small, ranging from just a few hundred emails a month, to millions.

Partnering with ReturnPath and building relationships with more than 40,000 ISPs worldwide, we put every available authentication capability into our technology and processes. No other ESP can tout more than what TailoredMail has done:

  • Return Path Whitelisting at Hotmail/Live/MSN, Yahoo, Comcast and thousands of other ISPs
  • Automated blacklist monitoring and resolution services
  • SPF, DKIM, feedback loops and list-unsubscribe headers are all built in automatically for each and every email
  • Inbox auditing at over 70+ seed list accounts
  • Real-time back-ups for 99.9% uptime and failover
  • Highly scalable, supporting both transactional messages and large campaign email broadcasts

TailoredMail also offers consulting services to help you design, set-up and execute a strategic lead- nurturing program.

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