Not just reporting, insight

Actionable email marketing analytics 

Best DayIt’s one thing to know who opened or clicked, but what about trends, geo-tracking and social engagement? Want to know how your mobile email engagement compares with current trends? Don’t even get us started on our split-testing capabilities for optimizing not only single sends, but sequences as well!

These are all included with TailoredMail’s standard reports:

  • 20+ reports to view individual tracking, trends, and most-active vs. least active users
  • 15 Website tracking reports, including campaign goals, known-visitors, referral sites, and more
  • Best Day of the Week | Best Time of the Day
  • Thematic/Keyword Tracking
  • Mobile Device types
  • Lead Scoring and Grading
  • Full historical tracking for ALL subscribers, including survey results
  • Geo-tracking and targeting
  • Heat-map views to see where subscribers are clicking most
  • Mobile versus desktop device usage
  • Social sharing and publishing tracking

UP NEXT: Scalability & Deliverability