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TailoredMail is a simple, powerful one-stop marketing solution. Achieve 70% greater engagement-rates with newsletters, campaigns, and automated lead nurturing - in one simple interface.

email marketing

Email Marketing

We have the most powerful email and mobile marketing platform available. Period. Target content dynamically to each subscriber's interests, and achieve breakthrough results.

social engagement

Social Engagement

Full integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Search Engines. We have Social sign-up, sharing, publishing, and even a cool Fan Page app to show your latest newsletter.

triggered and transactional emails

Lead and Drip Automation

Capture and convert leads on your website by using our web-tracking, form-widgets, and automated drip-emailing system. It's dead simple - create a program in 5 minutes.


Smart Segmentation

TailoredMail automatically segments your audience based on what your audience "says" their interested in, and what your audience "does" with the content. It learns and adapts - and gives you immediate targeting.

not just reporting, insight

Not just reporting, insight

Over 50 reports to track prospects, learn which day of the week or time of day works best, and identify trends in what your audience responds to. We automate your ability to turn BIG data into an instant segmentation engine.

scalability and deliverability

Scalability & Deliverability

TailoredMail has one of the highest reputations in the marketplace - due to our focus on clientele who WANT to target clients with ONLY relevant content. Our flexible API and CRM integrations with Salesforce and MS-CRM keep your data centralized and in sync.